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Hello, my name is Joanna Ford. I grew up in the little town of Lyons, Ohio.  I was home schooled most of my life and I graduated high school in 2013.   I became a nurse’s aide right out of high school and I genuinely loved it, but I felt the Lord was calling me in a different direction. I was not sure what that looked like at the time, but I prayed that the Lord would lead me and direct my path.  

During that time, the Lord had opened some doors for me to be able to minister to young teen girls at my church.  This ignited my passion to help others, be a listening ear, and ultimately point them towards Christ.

I was also able to minister to women at a care pregnancy center in Uganda, Africa. While in Africa, I had the opportunity to meet the counselors and volunteers, and the clients that were served there. As I spent time with these women, heard their stories, and prayed over them, I felt the Lord was whispering to me, “Daughter this is what I want you to do.”  My first response was, “Why me Lord?  You have to be kidding.”

You see, I felt similar to Moses when God called him to lead the Israelites in Exodus chapter 4 verses 10-12. Growing up, I was a very shy girl, and I really struggled with self-esteem.  Like Moses, I am not always confident in my speech. However, when I was praying I felt the Lord whisper to me, “Am I not the one who gave you your mouth? I will help you.” I still was not sure what that looked like though.

I went to Africa with my brother, and when we returned, he had the opportunity to sing at the annual Right to Life Rally that Adrian held. After the rally, he was able to tour the Care Pregnancy Center and meet the executive director, Roxanne.  Roxanne told him about the client service director position opening up. My brother was praying that Roxanne would find the right person and he felt as if the Lord was telling him that I was the girl for the job.  He told me about it, but once again, I was scared. The verses from Exodus flashed through my mind and I decided to apply and be obedient to where I felt the Lord was leading. Needless to say, I am very excited to join the staff at Care Pregnancy Center and I look forward to seeing where the Lord leads, not only myself, but the entire ministry and staff of the Care Pregnancy Center.